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Stock Market And Interest Rates 1999
This 5 page paper discusses the Dow Jones Industrial Averages between December 31, 1998 to May 21, 1999. The reasons for the continuing increase in the market are discussed as well as the reasons it is so difficult to predict the market. The...
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PepsiCo and Financial Diversification:
4 pages in length. This paper explains the aspects of financial diversification. Numerous studies have been conducted which point to the conclusion that financial diversification is not a cure-all for the disease known as business risk. While...
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The Utilisation and Management of Intellectual Capital in the Workplace
This 12 page paper considers the revolution in intellectual capital. A definition of intellectual capital is discussed, further consideration given to the effects of this emerging trend on industries, companies and individuals. Specific company...
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Understanding Stock Options
Understanding stock options: 15 pages in length. Goes into great detail in discussing the definition of stock options, history of stock options, employee stock grants and controversies in the field. Bibliography lists 8 sources. JGAstock.doc
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The Long Distance Confusion/A Look at Telecommunications
5 pages in length. Explores the confusion between the long-distance carriers, with a close look at Excel Communications and BTI Telecommunications. In spite of the big business of the telecommunications companies, there is still much public...
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Citigroup Inc.
This 11 page paper investigates Citigroup Inc, the name that emerged from the merger between Citicorp and Travelers. Sections include: a general overview of the banking industry, historical overview of Citicorp, the Board of Directors, major top...
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American Express
A 5 page research paper that analyzes the recent financial situation of American Express. The writer gives background on the company before discussing its current marketing strategy and offering recommendations as to whether or not American Express...
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The City Bank of New York, its Transformation to Citibank, and the Future
This 20 page report discusses one of, if not the single most, respected and powerful financial institutions in the world. The bank
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The Intel Corporation
This 5 page paper provides an overview of this well known firm and pays particular attention to its role as a socially responsible company. The company's mission statement is included and several financial quotes are provided. Bibliography lists 6...
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Financial Concerns Regarding Acquisitions
This 8 page paper considers a possible acquisition of a leisure company (a case study supplied by the student and included in an appendix is used). The financial issues are considered including the reasons for the sale including a decrease in...
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Canadian Banks
A 9 page research that focuses on the proposed mega-mergers in the Canadian banking system, using Les Whittington's book. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Factors Affecting Financial Institutions
A 30 page paper that investigates the regulations, technology, and economic factors that have affected financial institutions and how these affect the American people. The writer begins with an introduction that identifies some of the older...
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Technology And Finance Management
This 5 page paper explores the technology being used in business finance. The writer reports the results of a survey conducted by the National Society of Accountants, which indicates which accounting programs and platforms are being used most often....
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The Banking Crisis in Costa Rica
This 5 page paper follows the scandal which began in 1994 when the state owned Banco Anglo Costarricense collapsed. Reasons for the fiasco are explored. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Fortunes in the Istanbul Stock Market
A 9 page paper discussing the history and growth of Turkey's stock market over the past decade and how it has affected relations with international investors. Turkey's economy is rather typical of successfully developing markets in that it...
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