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Investment Bank's Financial Deal
A 5 page paper that presents a case study of a financial deal a team has developed. The question is whether or not to leave out or put a positive spin on some financials that appear to be disturbing. The writer discusses the issues, ethics, impact...
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The Problem with Public Pensions (Article Analysis)
This 4 page paper evaluates an article entitled Public Pension Plans Face Billions in Shortage which appears in the New York Times. Implications of this article are discussed. Suggestions are made. No additional sources cited.
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Four Business Functions at Southwest Airlines
A 14 page paper discussing how in 2006, Southwest still has not experienced a losing quarter and still has not laid off an employee. How much longer it can make this claim becomes less certain with each passing quarter, as bankruptcy-protected...
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Outsourcing at Wachovia and the Bank of America
Outsourcing has become a common strategy for firms looking to cut costs. However, this is not the only motivation to undertake outsourcing. This 18 page paper compares and contrasts Bank of America and Bank of Wachovia outsourcing decisions,...
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International Expansion
A 6 page paper that discusses several issues. The forward currency market and the foreign exchange market are briefly explained. The paper discusses issues for consideration by product development managers, such as international risks. How...
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The difference between multinational capital budgeting and domestic capital budgeting
This 3 page paper examines capital budgeting and explores the differences between the two types. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Mars Rovers and Their Missions: An Overview
In four pages this overview of the Mars rovers
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Committee Of Sponsoring Organizations Of The Treadway Commission
A 5 page paper that begins by explaining what the Commission (COSO) is, when and why it was founded. The essay identifies the components in COSO's enterprise risk management system. The writer then applies COSO principles to a case study involving...
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This 10-page paper discusses the concept of perfect competition, and whether it can help businesses. Also under discussion are monopoligies and oligopolies. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Black and Decker and the Use of Leading Indicators
This 3 page paper looks at what economic indicators may be useful for Black and Decker and discusses what they might mean for the firm and how the firm will react to different changes in these indicators. The paper then looks specifically at the new...
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Banking In China
A 4 page paper that provides a brief overview of the growth in wealth in China and what the wealthy need from their bank. The paper comments on Bank of America's presence in China through the interest they own in one of the major banks there. The...
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Effects of Globalization on Auto Industry Labor
This 12 page paper provides an overview of the automobile industry in light of global trends. Several issues are addressed including the concept and reasons for globalization, the plight of the auto worker, the sudden increase in mergers and...
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Washington Mutual And Enterprise Risk Management
This 6 page paper discusses two specific issues. The first is a report and discussion of what happened to cause the collapse of Washington Mutual Bank. There were many causes dating back more than a decade. The second topic is recommendations from...
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Great Northern Iron Ore Properties
This 3 page paper looks at the Great Northern Iron Ore Properties, considering what type of company it is management financial performance and the performance of the shares between 2008 and 2009. The bibliography cites 4 sources.
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Efficient Performance Accounting
An 8 page paper discussing tools of financial and management accounting that can contribute to enhanced financial accounting. Bibliography lists 16 sources.
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