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Research Haven has been assisting university and college students from across the globe since 1996. Our roots go back to a small website hosted on one of the original free website hosting companies at CollegePark group at site 6199. In many ways the website was developed to assist me in my own academic persuits. Our site features many of the pages that you would find today including quick links to dictionaries and thesaurus's, and internet reference resources.You have to remember, this was a time when mobile phones still looked like bricks, everyone was on dial-up, and internet access was still in its infantcy. If I found a link or a website useful for my essay and term paper writiing, I added to the site so that I always had a online journal of my top 5, 10, 50 websites no matter what computer lab I was visiting. Research Haven was born.

Even though Yahoo, which aquired Geocities in 1999, retired the service in 2009, I was very surprised to see some our our original work stil floating around internet servers -- take a peak at CollegePark/6199 (circa 2003).

On February 26,1999 we migrated away from Geocities to our new home at This move was as much an experiment and learning process on how domain names and webhosting companies worked as it was a birth in identiy. Over the last 15 years, our site has made a lot of internet friends and partnerships across the world-wide-web including direct links from univerisity professors as par tof their course resources.

A partnership with Paper Store

In 2001 we teamed up with the academic writing and research professionals at Paper Store to offer our visitors a new level of academic assistance. Since 1994, Paper Store has assisted thousands of students each semester with by professionally researching their essay, term paper, and thesis services. This partnership allows us to to offer our visitors with a team of employees that are trained customer service representatives and order processors, each with a wealth of experience dealing with the unique research needs of students. Our researchers and writers are professionals with years of experience in their fields, high academic degrees, and numerous publications to their credit. With over 90,000 term papers under their belt, I can honestly say, no project is too big or small. Check our of list of over 300 essay and term paper topics at our Crunch page (if you are in a crunch for time or need some assistance research your paper topics) and professional custom research services

Mobile Friendly Evolution

In 2015, Google changed the world-wide-web for the better and recognized the significance mobile devices and tablets play in our internet browsing and peanalized those sitea that were not. The internet surrounds us, from tarabytes of picture storage at Flicker, mobile games, and connected homes (I love my nest wireless thermostat) and think the Ollie is the coolest toy ever (any donations?), it was time for a facelift and a jump to the realm of mobile friendly web pages.

I am actually writing this About page on a warm summers evening in August - four weeks until the next academic season is upon us, and celebrating that Research Haven is now among the millions of websites that are mobile friendly.

Over the coming weeks we will continue to improve our site.

Have a great academic year!

The Research Haven Team

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