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Academic papers on Gay & Lesbian Studies / Aids

Curricula Design and the Impact on Gay and Lesbian Students
This 21 page paper considers the different approaches to sex education and the impact that these programs have on gay and lesbian students. This paper focuses on the use of curricula that are affirming of the sexual orientations of gay and lesbian...
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Families Today: "The Way We Really Are" and "Amazing Grace"
A 5 page paper which compares "The Way We Really Are" by Stephanie Coontz and "Amazing Grace" by Jonathan Kozol, examining aspects of families today. These books are also briefly discussed as they address "Am I Blue?" by Bruce Coville and "The...
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Female Androgynous Adolescents: Better Self-Image Than Being Either Very Masculine Or Very Feminine Girls?
8 pages in length. When it comes to social acceptance, there exist some very strict guidelines: An individual is either male or female. Indeed, little room for approval is given for those who do not fall into one of these two confining categories,...
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Pseudoscience: Common Depictions Verses Scientific Fact in Homosexuality
A 5 page discussion of the inaccuracies regarding the root causes of sexual preference. Suggests that these inaccuracies are particularly damaging when they are misrepresented as scientific fact. Present real facts regarding homosexuality which...
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"Invisibility" and Homosexuality
A 5 page discussion of the phenomenon of becoming "invisible" as a means of dealing with societal prejudice. Examines the choice of some homosexuals to keep their homosexuality restrained. Concludes that invisibility only causes tremendous...
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Moral Dilemmas in "Philadelphia"
A 5 page paper which discusses the moral dilemmas in the movie "Philadelphia." The paper also discusses an alternative to the condition in the film, and presents moral examples of proper treatment of others. Bibliography lists 2 additional...
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10-point Plan To Bring Security And Peace To Homosexuals, Feminists And Abortion Supporters
8 pages in length. People from all walks of life must endure social intolerance at one time or another; however, certain groups face prejudicial persecution on a regular basis. What is the answer for gays, lesbians, feminists and proponents of...
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Conversion and Reparative Therapies for Homosexuals
A 7 page examination of the predominant views among professional organizations like the American Psychiatric Association regarding the causes of homosexuality and potential treatments. Emphasizes that views of professional organizations have...
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Is There a 'Gay Gene'?
6 pages in length. Centers around Dr. Dean Hamer's pronouncement of a gay gene linkage within the X chromosome. With a close look at the histories and homosexual tendencies in ancient Greece and Rome, as well as Sparta and Lesbos, considers...
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Psychosocial Functioning Of The Family
14 pages in length. Lisa was fed up with hiding the fact that she was a lesbian. While she was not quite sure how her family would react to such news, she had reached the end of her rope; no longer could she continue living a lie. If her mom and...
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A Simulation Model of the AIDS Epidemic
This 8 page paper considers the issue of the continuation of the AIDS epidemic and the development of a simulation model that supports the continued application of education and other support mechanisms to reduce the spread of the disease in Third...
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Group Counseling For The HIV/AIDS Population
5 pages in length. The HIV/AIDS population faces considerably more challenges than other members of society, in that they have to struggle just to achieve a modicum of acceptance. Their societal counterparts, who are frequently ignorant to deeper...
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The Case for Gay Marriage
This 7 page paper argues that gay marriage should be legalized and supported by society. Arguments against gay marriage are explored and objections are answered. Many issues are discussed inclusive of legal, financial and religious aspects....
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Gay Culture
This 9 page paper provides an overview of gay culture, inclusive of example original research in the form of observing dress and mannerisms in a gay dance club. Deviance is defined and observations are evaluated in respect to deviance. Bibliography...
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The Death Of Gay Disco
5 pages in length. Disco's resurgence in that late 1990s has fulfilled one of popular culture's perpetual prophecies: give a particular fad twenty five years to return and when it does, it will be hotter than the first time around. Portrayed as...
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