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Academic papers on Native Indian Studies

The Universal Pattern of Stickball: From the Indigenous Inhabitants of the Americas to the Europeans who Invaded Their Lands
An 11 page history of the indigenous Native American
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A paper which looks at the way in which some Native Indian wedding customs have survived over the years, whereas other forms of marriage practices, such as polygamy, have been rendered illegal. The paper considers various elements of traditional...
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Eve Ball/Indeh: An Apache Odyssey
A 6 page book review that examines Eve Ball's text of the words of the patriarch of the Mescalero Apache, Ace Daklugie, son of Juh, nephew of Geronimo, the story that Daklugie related to Ball before his death in 1955 is an eye-opening experience to...
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Native American Involvement and Effectiveness in the Treaty Making Process
A 7 page discussion of the degree of involvement of Native Americans in the drafting and implementation of treaties. Contends that even those groups who played the largest role in the treaty making process were essentially ineffective in terms of...
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Assimilating To Alleviate Problems For Canada's Native Peoples: Argument Against
10 pages in length. Since the Puritans first stepped foot onto North America, relations between indigenous peoples and the forceful newcomers have been strained to say the least. The problems of Canada's native peoples illustrate similar struggles...
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The Role of Natural Selection in the Australian Aborigine
5 pages. This report explains the biological characteristics of the Australian Aborigines and how they came to have these certain identifying characteristics based on the role of natural selection. The report thoroughly explains just what natural...
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How The Literature Of Contact Can Be Literature Of Propaganda
5 pages in length. Supporting the claim that the literature of contact can be literature of propaganda leads one to closely examine the very nature of propaganda amidst a significantly broader perspective. Propaganda reflects the attempt to...
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"Cherokee Women" by Theda Perdue
A 5 page book review on Theda Perdue's "Cherokee Women." Her book presents us with a very unique look at the Cherokee women who were actually the leaders and the providers of the Cherokee people. Bibliography lists 1 additional source.
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The Conflict Between Native Americans and the English Colonists in the Seventeenth Century
An 8 page overview of the conflict which erupted between the English colonists and the Native inhabitants of the Americas. The arrival of the Pilgrims and the Puritans to the Americans would prove the beginning of an insurmountable blow to the...
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A One-On-One Interview With an Elderly Native American Widow
A 6 page report on the interview process with a seventy-four year old widowed female of mixed Cherokee heritage. Asserts that the interview process can allow a student to quickly come to the realization that individual behavior and relationships...
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Aboriginal Women in Canada
An 8 page paper which discusses the historical importance of the aboriginal women of Canada, who have served as powerful providers to their families. Maria Campbell's "Halfbreed" is used briefly in the discussion. Bibliography lists 3 additional...
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Role of Native Americans
A 5 page research paper that summarizes the political, social and economic roles that Natives Americans have played in both colonial and modern times in North and South America. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Alaska: Analysis Of Two Articles
5 pages in length. The colonization of America continued for many decades, with indigenous populations ultimately displaced when European settlers successfully overtook the territory and transformed it into their own. Alaska's native inhabitants...
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Louise Erdrich/Storytelling in Tracks
A 5 page research paper and analysis of Louise Erdrich's novel Tracks. The writer discusses the role that Chippewa culture plays this novel and argues that it is the cultural "glue" that provides support for members of the tribe, both as individuals...
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This 5 page paper examines the thesis of Thomas Berger in his book The Long Shadow. The thesis is that indigenous people (i.e., natives) in the Americans are being as shabbily treated today by corporations and private concerns as they were hundreds...
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