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Academic papers on Gay & Lesbian Studies / Aids

The Psychological Impact of AIDS on Patients & Families
A 12 page research paper that examines how a positive diagnosis for HIV impacts the patient and the patient
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Family Systems Theory And Lesbian Family Members
6 pages in length. Homophobia is more widespread than most people would like to believe, even
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Lesbian Issues and the Construct of Homosexuality in America
This 8 page report discusses homosexuality and focuses to a great degree on lesbian issues and concerns. The feminist movement largely changed perceptions of gender, and the gay and lesbian movements significantly altered conceptions of sex, so...
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Sexual Orientation in the Workplace: Legal, Social and Economic Developments
An 11 page overview of the issues surrounding sexual orientation in the workplace. Includes issues relating to homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals. Recounts the problems which still exist, the inroads which are being made, and the...
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Changing Definitions and Concepts of Family
A 5 page discussion of the concept of family. Provides sociological definitions and views of the concept of family. Emphasizes that the traditional concept of family, the concept of a father a mother and one or more children comprising a family...
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Homosexual Interview
A 6 page paper which presents an interview with a homosexual. Issues addressed include making the choice, if it is a choice, reactions from society, friends, co-workers, attitudes about relationships, experiences in relationships, and...
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A 5 page paper which presents, summarizes, and analyzes three different articles which deal with the issue of homosexuality. The articles are as follows : "Sex differences in attitudes toward gay men and lesbians: a multidimensional perspective"...
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The Debate About Excluding Homosexuality From The DSM
This 10 page paper discusses the APA Board of Directors' decision to delete homosexuality from the DSM classification system. The events leading up to this decision, the reasons for the decision and the aftermath of it are discussed. There are two...
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Proposal for Offering Dental Services to the HIV/AIDS Community
A 5 page paper proposing training public health technicians and nurses to recognize the oral lesions that often announce the presence of HIV infection in otherwise asymptomatic individuals, particularly women of child-bearing age. Those women at...
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Domestic Violence as a Birthright?
This five-page-paper presents a discussion about the movie "Once Were Warriors", and the accuracy of the portrayal about domestic violence. The movie is summarized and then discussion compares and contrasts it to real live domestic abuse....
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The Movie
This 5 page report discusses the 1993 movie
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Oscar Wilde: Reflection Of Homosexuality In His Works
7 pages in length. Did Oscar Wilde's homosexual tendencies provide the author with a hidden theme throughout his works? Some have argued that the author's anxieties with regard to his own homosexuality represents a subtle but obvious enough...
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Hate Crimes Against Gays Are on The Increase:
This nine-page-paper presents a thorough and in-depth discussion on the merits of expanding federal hate crime bills to include the protection of the homosexual community. Bibliography lists eight sources.
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Don't Ask Don't Tell
A 6 page paper which discusses the "don't ask don't tell" policy of the United States military. The aspect addressed concerns the court case Thomasson v. Perry, Judge Wilkinson, dissenting opinion of the court, and the general conditions...
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Gay Marriages and the Church
A 7 page overview of the issue of homosexuality and same sex marriages under Church doctrine. Maintains that while the majority of Americans are not in support of homosexuality, Church doctrine is moving toward that acceptance. Bibliography lists...
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