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Academic papers on Native Indian Studies

Image Of Indians In Aphra Behn's "Widow Ranter," Dionysius Lardner Boucicault's "The Octoroon" And Robert Toll's "Social Commentary In Late Nineteenth Century White Minstrelsy"
5 pages in length. In traditional style, Native Americans have always been portrayed as having a war to wage with the white man. The world has come to expect westerns to depict the Indians in no other manner but that of arrow slinging, horse...
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The Great Dying
5 pages in length. The Great Dying is historically known as a period of time two hundred and fifty-one million years ago where the earth suffered significant and overwhelming devastation. The most intriguing aspect about this mass extinction of...
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European Expansionism: Intercultural Interactions Produced By War And Disease
5 pages in length. The writer discusses how European expansionism culminated in war and disease for the Native Americans. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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A Century of Religious Evolution among Native Americans
A 7 page paper discussing how the issue of religion among Native Americans has come full circle in the past century. The federal government officially banned some tribes' most sacred religious rites - the potlatch of the Cree was subversive...
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Navajo Rugs: A Consideration of Cultural Change on Design and Material
A 7 page discussion of the changes in rug making design and material which have occurred over time among the Navajo (Dine') people. Provides a brief cultural background of these people and traces the developments which led to the incorporation of...
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Jean-Jacque Rousseau (1712-1778)
(8 pp) Rousseau was a mental explorer - not a very happy one, but like all good philosophers he did take a stand at trying to figure why certain things were as they were. He still looked for truth and beauty, but never seemed to be able to see it...
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Native American Roles and Values
A 5 page discussion of the changing roles and values in Native America. Distinguishes between the traditional roles of women, men, and children and the stereotypical views of these roles. Asserts that in many ways contemporary Native Americans are...
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Factors Leading Up to the Pequot/English War of 1637
An 8 page discussion of the war between the English and the Native American group known as the Pequot. Contends that the reasons behind this war were really quite simplistic. The first was the English desire for the land which the Pequot...
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California Native (Indians) to 1900.
(5 pp) From documented information, according to McWilliams (1979) it is estimated that there were about 130,000 Indians in California. If that figure is close to accurate that would have meant that California had about 16% of Native...
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Crazy Horse and Cochise: Similarities and Contrasts
A 6 page discussion of two of the most remembered Native American leaders of the nineteenth century. Emphasizes that Cochise and Crazy Horse Cochise and Crazy Horse differed both individually and culturally. Contrasts those differences while...
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The Relationship Between Shamanism and Psychotherapy
This 5 page paper relates the two worlds that, as it turns out, are not so dissimilar. Jung's study of Shamanism is explored. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Contemporary Native American Concerns: Health, Sovereignty, and Leadership
A 6 page discussion of the many problems facing contemporary Native Americans. Traces these problems back to the initial contact with the European people who invaded Native land. Asserts that everything from the ravages of disease on modern Native...
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A Comparison of the History and Culture of the Oglala Sioux and the Crow and the Interactions with White America
A 5 page overview of the trials and tribulations faced by these Native Americans at the hands of the Europeans who invaded their lands. Discusses the changes to traditional lifeways which occurred and the amazing ability of these people to...
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A 5 page discussion of the information presented in the PBS series by filmmaker Ken Burns and Director Stephen Ives. This series leaves an indelible impression of the historical and cultural changes which the West would undergo between the latter...
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"It's a good day to be indigenous." From Sherman Alexie's book and movie Smoke Signals
(6 pp) The movie (1999) was billed as the first American all-Indian made - written, acted and produced movie. And everyone appeared astounded that it was (is) very good. It has been adapted from Alexie's book of short stories called The...
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