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John Dalton (1766-1844)
This 30 page paper celebrates the life of chemist John Dalton. Provided are various sections highlighting his accomplishments and includes a chronology of his life. An analysis is also included which looks at the scientist's life in the perspective...
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Emile Durkheim / Life & Works
8 pages in length. Analytical biography of Emile Durkheim's (turn-of-the-century German social philosopher) life, works, and philosophy. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Emile Durkheim/Elementary Form of Religious Life
A 5 page analysis of Emile Durkheim's 1912 masterpiece , The Elementary Forms of Religious Life. The writer primarily focuses on how this sociological study of primitive religious practice is applicable to the modern world and contemporary concerns....
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The Life of Jean Jacques Rousseau
This 8 page paper discusses the 18th century French philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau, whose writings inspired the leaders of the French Revolution. Rousseau greatly influenced came to be known as the Romantic generation. He was a social and...
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Adolf Hitler / The Man, The Demon
A 6 page discussion of Adolf Hitler, his life and his atrocities. Hitler's background and twisted philosophies are expounded upon. Bibliography lists four sources.
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Hitler: The Path to Power by Charles Bracelen Flood
This 6 page report discusses the 1989 book that details the life and persona of Adolf Hitler before his rise to power in Germany. Bibliography lists only the book itself as a source.
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Alan Bullock / Hitler; A Study in Tyranny
A 7 page analysis of Bullock's biography of Adolf Hitler. In producing this work, Bullock attempts to define exactly what role Hitler played in the Third Reich
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Hitler and Mussolini / Contrasts and Similarities
A 9 page discussion of the life and pursuits of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Compares their beginnings and their rise to power. Emphasizes that while the atrocities committed by Mussolini are somewhat less than those committed by Hitler, his...
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William II of Germany
The role of this monarch in World War I is emphasized in this 6 page report. An overview of the life and times of this emperor who lived between 1859 and 1941 is provided. Personality traits are analyzed in conjunction with the start of the Great...
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David P. Thelen / Robert M. La Follette
A 5 page analysis of Thelen's biography of the political leader of the progressive movement
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Fred Astaire
5 pages worth of biographical information on Fred Astaire. Includes analysis of two of his works ("Gay Divorce" and "Top Hat"). Bibliography not available (also good for film study).
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Bill Gates / Model of an Entrepreneur
A detailed, 6 page discussion of Microsoft C.E.O. Bill Gates' success and the years he spent climbing the ladder to get there. The writer argues as to why Gates represents a model of American entrepreneurship. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Bill Gates' Rise To Fortune
A 4 page biography of Microsoft C.E.O. & billionaire, Bill Gates. Beginning with Gates' childhood, the writer outlines the development of his competitive ambition and entrepreneurial spirit. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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The Life & Death Of Ennis Cosby
The murder of Ennis Cosby as it relates to his father, Bill, is discussed in this 5 page essay. A Time magazine article, the only source used, is highlighted. One subject addressed are the similarities between the Cosby family and the Huxtables,the...
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Lorraine Hansberry / A Life Cut Short
A 5 page look at this young black playwright's life in terms of Anne Cheney's 1984 biography. The paper isolates five pivotal events in Hansberry's life that made her the remarkable woman she was. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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