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Academic papers on Labor Studies

American Labor
A 4 page paper discussing Max Green's book, 'Epitaph for American Labor : How Union Leaders Lost Touch with America.' Green is generally very opinionated and does little to actually illustrate anything in the way of an unbiased history. This is more...
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The Robens' & Williams' Reports
A 6 page report discussing the major points of the Robens Report of Great Britain and the Williams Report of Australia. Both resulted in additional legislation regarding industrial safety. The reasons the new Acts in Australia are not working is...
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Reasons Behind Staying With or Leaving Behind a Job
This 7 page report discusses the issues surrounding job loss and job security. Why are some people willing to leave a job behind, even a good one, while others cling to a job they might despise. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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The Place Of Unions In The New Global Economy
This 6 page paper discusses the place of unions in the United States since the advent of globalization. Their history, current presence and future possibilities are examined. Bibliography lists 8 sources .
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Exploitation of the Latino Population in the Food Industry
A 5 page paper which discusses how the Latino population is treated in the food industry in this country. The information obtainable indicates that there is no solid proof of the exploitation of the Latino population in the food industry today....
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Recruiting for Perioperative Nurses Through a "Test-Run" Program:
This five-page-paper presents an in-depth discussion outlining the perioperative surgical elective that nursing students can take to determine if they want to go into perioperative care as their specialty. Bibliography lists five sources.
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Should Minimum Wage Be Increased?
A 5 page paper which discusses many aspects of raising the minimum wage. The information provided illustrates that we should not increase minimum wage, but perhaps look elsewhere for answers to helping the poor. Minimum wage has proven to be more...
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Arizona Miner's Strike of 1983
An analysis of the Arizona miner's strike of 1983 as it. Analysis includes discussion of the events which led to the strike, influence on political and economic conditions, and internal union conditions, and also a discussion of another...
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Social Security and Labor Issues: A Comparison Between France and the U.S.
A 6 page overview of the Social Security programs of France and the United States. Reports that each system is in desperate need of revision but that labor issues are of utmost concern as well. Discusses the 1995 labor strikes in France which...
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Labor Issues in France
A 9 page overview of the labor situation in France and the role of labor unions in that situation. Recounts the major labor strikes of the last decade and the conditions which necessitated them. Concludes that although all things are not equal in...
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Construction Wages
A 6 page research paper that explores the various factors that influence the rise and fall of wages for construction workers. Recently, these wages have risen after a 25 year decline. The writer explores why and whether or not this new trend is...
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The National Labor Relations Act of 1935
A 10 page paper discussing the history of this New Deal law. Labor unrest had been well known before World War I, but the federal government largely had remained aloof from the labor movement. The Wagner Act provided a legal basis for the...
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The Town Of Pullman
This 5 page paper explores the concept of a planned community established and controlled by a company, specifically the town of Pullman Illinois at the time of the Pullman strike in 1894. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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"The Effects Of Minimum Wages On Employment: Theory And Evidence From Britain": Review
5 pages in length. The writer discusses minimum wage impact as it relates to the journal article. No additional sources cited.
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The North American Free Trade Agreement
This 5 page paper considers the issues related to the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the impact in the increasing global trade environment. This paper considers the pros and cons of NAFTA. Bibliography lists...
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