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Academic papers on Sports & Issues In Sports Management

The Influential Leadership of Pete Rozelle
A 25 page research paper on Rozelle and his tenure as commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) in terms of his leadership qualities. The writer details various events from his reign, including his handling of television contracts, his...
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The Loss Of Ethics In Sports
A 5 page paper discussing the phenomena of sports' and athletes' unethical and, often, immoral behavior both on the playing field and off. Bibliography lists four sources.
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The Olympic Games & What They've Come to Mean
A 6 page look at the Olympic Games; covering their history, purpose, and growth. The writer goes on to examine modern issues affecting the Olympics such as the controversy over allowing "professional athletes" to compete, disqualification of drug...
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The Techniques Of Fly Fishing
An 8 page technical paper on fly fishing equipment. The writer details the types of rods, reels, line, and flies which are appropriate for beginners. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Title IX & Women Participating In Intercollegiate Athletics
A 7 page research paper on Title IX-- the law which first enabled women to participate in interscholastic sports. The writer summarizes Title IX and briefly discusses its history-- going on to analyze how, in the 90's,-- attention was suddenly...
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Violence In Sports / Impact Of Athletes As Role Models
A 5 page paper examining the affect violence has on children and society at large, and particularly addresses athletes as role models. The writer argues that, even though children look on athletes as role models, they are somewhat more advanced in...
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Women In Sports
This 10 page paper examines the various obstacles faced by female athletes, with particular emphasis on the relationship between physical fitness and self-esteem. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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Women In Sports # 2
A 5 page paper on women's role in sports. The writer examines the historical significance of women's participation, how it changed after 1972, and the gender bias that still exists. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Women's Basketball / More Than A Sport
A 5 page overview of the importance of female participation in sports such as basketball and in the importance of this participation receiving an equal media coverage and emphasis as does male participation in sports. Correlates female...
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Women's Professional Basketball / Two Leagues ?
An 8 page piece on the economics and unexpected popularity of the women's professional basketball. The paper discusses pros and cons of having two leagues and makes a statement that women's pro basketball is here to stay. Bibliography lists 10...
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NASCAR / History
In 5 pages the author discusses the history of NASCAR. NASCAR is a sport that has many fans across the nation. It is more than just a sport; it is a national pastime. NASCAR is stock car racing. The prizes are quite large. The crowds are...
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Playing For Money / NBA Basketball Players & Personal Greed
This 5 page essay discusses professional athletes, particularly basketball players and their attitudes of selfishness and greed. The writer also discusses how superstar athletes may be nothing more than a mirror of the society that created them....
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Steroids Should Be Banned
This past summer the baseball star, Mark McGwire, openly admitted that he was using a performance enhancing drug, a natural occurring steroid, androstenedione. The drug is available over the counter in many health and nutrition stores in the United...
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Natural Grass Verses Artificial Turf On Collegiate Playing Fields
An 8 page comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial and natural turf
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Spectator Violence At Major League Baseball Games
This 5 page report discusses the incidence of violence in the stands at major league baseball games. The wtriter also examines the social factors that either encourage or support violent behavior at sporting events. Bibliography lists 6 sources. ...
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