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Voices of Protest / Long & Coughlin
A 4 essay on Alan Brinkley's book 'Voices of Protest' that examines the protest movement against the policies of the Roosevelt administration during the Great Depression that was led by the US Senator from Louisiana Huey P. Long and Charles E....
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A 5 page paper looking at this famous seventeenth-century sermon by Samuel Danforth in terms of its complex function. On the literal level, it functions as a condemnation of the behavior of the lapsed churchgoers of Danforth
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Human Energy Circles / Spiritual Force Against Pollution
A 10 page research paper that argues that human energy circles can be used to dissipate pollution. The author supports the argument using scientific evidence supporting energy transfers, including recent discovery of a
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'Holiness' in 20th Century Christian Theology
A 10 page research paper that deals with the topic of 'holiness' as an attribute of the divine. Throughout history, humanity has had a sense that divine force was at work in the universe. The power of nature and the awesome spectacle of life and...
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In the Pattern of God
A 2 page discussion of the book,
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Basic Tenets of Hinduism
A 3 page paper which presents an overview of the basic tenets of Hinduism, with frequent quotations from the Bhagavad-Gita ('Song Celestial') to provide further insight into the religion and its principles. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Role of Christianity in Social Movements of the 1800s
This 5 page paper looks at the use of the bible and the Christian church in either supporting or condemning controversial practices of the nineteenth century. The primary focus is on slavery but women
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Luther, Locke, and Paine: Human Nature and Political Theory
A 5 page paper discussing the human nature theories of Martin Luther, John Locke, and Thomas Paine affected their political theories. While each man lived in a different place and time, the essential beliefs that insist that truth and the...
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Martin Luther/Career of the Reformer
A 5 page analysis of volume 31 in the Muhlenberg Press edition of the works of Martin Luther. Edited by H. Grimm, this volume addresses the beginning of Luther's career as a reformer of the Catholic Church and spans the years 1517 through 1520....
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Storytelling and Evangelical Media / Robert Schuller
A 5 page research paper exploring the effectiveness of Schuller
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Swihart & Richardson/Counseling in Times of Crisis
A 12 page analysis of the book Counseling in Times of Crisis by Judson Swihart and Gerald Richardson. This text offers a comprehensive and informative guide for Christian counseling. Their obvious purpose in compiling this guide was to facilitate...
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Neal Gabler
A 5 page analysis of Neal Gabler
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Duffy & Thomas/Comparing Views on Medieval English Religion
A 5 page analysis of Eamon Duffy's The Stripping of the Altars and Keith Thomas' Religion and the Decline of Magic. The writer argues that Duffy differs from the standard view of this period and the causes of the Reformation, while Thomas,...
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A Christian View of Euthanasia
This 6 page report discusses euthanasia a Christian viewpoint and determines that, as a Christian, euthanasia should not be considered an option. For Christians and non-Christians alike, euthanasia is a complex issue. For those who embrace the...
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Comparisons of Plato and C.S. Lewis' Screwtape
A 6 page paper comparing the two works. C. S. Lewis is known for his Christian writing, both overt and more veiled forms. The Screwtape Letters most assuredly are the finest example of Lewis' overt Christian work in that Screwtape, demon supreme,...
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