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Academic papers on Labor Studies

Bruce Springsteen's Serenade To Labor
A 7 page paper relating the singer's songs to the plight of the Americal Labor Movement. Shortly after Billy Joel sang of the woes of 'Allentown,' the story of hard-working Pennsylvania steel mill employees in the early 1980s, Bruce Springsteen was...
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Thesis / Labor Issues in Firefighting
A 25 page research paper dealing primarily with the relationship between fire company staffing and firefighter and civilian fire deaths. Includes literature review, methodology, statistical analysis, summary, recommendations, etc; It is ultimately...
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Labor Management Relations & Firefighters
This 15 page report creates a fictitious situation in which firefighters at an air base are at odds with their management team. The overall goal of the paper is to illustrate the how personnel problems have a significant impact on operations and...
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New York City's "Tenant Movement"
On April 1, 1904, NY's "tenant unions" & organizations went on strike-- refusing to pay rent until their demands were met. In this 12 page research paper, the writer details specific "battles" of the Tenant Movement-- relevant situations, and their...
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Unions, Election Politics and the Plight of American Laborer
11 pages in length. Prior to the 1996 elections, this report examined candidate Bill Clinton and possible candidate Pat Buchanan with respect to their political views on labor and the plight of the American worker. The typical union delegate's...
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Right to Work / Economic Present
A 10 page analysis of the right to work in the United States and the efficacy of the Wagner Act and the Taft-Hartley Act in regards to the emerging global economy. The writer argues that as the economy has evolved, so has the right to work, and...
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Book Review / "The Fragile Bridge -- Paterson Silk Strike of 1913"
A 6 page paper on this event in labor history as described by Steven Golin in his 1988 book. The writer describes the conditions which led to the unorganized strike by silk workers, who were subsequently supported by the IWW and intellectuals of the...
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Book Review / Barbara Kingsolver's 'Holding the Line'
A 4 page paper that provides an overview of Kingsolver's book. The mining strike of 1983 in Arizona was impacted significantly by the role of the Women's Auxiliary, and Kingsolver provides and account of the strike with consideration from the...
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Book Review / The Importance of Labor in the U.S. Economy
This 4 page essay reviews Boyer, Boyer & Morais' book entitled "Labor's Untold Story." For the most part, the work discusses the important and ever-changing role that labor has played in the U.S. economy from the 19th century onward. No Bibliography.
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Airline Mechanics & F.A.A. Regulation
A 21 page paper on the regulations imposed on airline mechanics. The writer details the problems and suggested solutions, as well as the impact of the FAA's proposed regulation Part 66 on the future of airline mechanics. Bibliography lists 11...
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Labor Issues In The Late 1990s
A 3 page overview of the labor market problems, including lack of trained labor. Issues touched on include education, Work Opportunities Act (welfare reduction), and contract labor. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Issues In Labor Law
This 5 page paper looks at several articles pertinent to labor law as contained in a 1993 issue of Conservative Digest. The articles are discussed in terms of labor trends in the nineties. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Bases for Persistent Income Discrepancies
A 7 page paper discussing possible reasons for the wide discrepancy of income levels in the US. Though there are many factors, much of the issue involves risk. As in the stock market, the higher the risk of a venture, the higher the return. ...
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The Biases of Labor Organizations
An 8 page overview of national labor organizations and the effect of the political environment on these organizations. Suggests that it is impossible to form an unbiased national labor organization given the varying political arena across the...
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Robert B. Reich / Secretary of Labor
A 10 page paper discussing Reich's contributions to the relationship between organized labor and corporate interest. Robert Reich has his critics on all sides
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