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Academic papers on Gay & Lesbian Studies / Aids

Lesbian Scientists In Modern Society
A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the issues related to being a lesbian scientist in the current day. This paper outlines the constructs that have determined the need for anti-discriminatory policies based on sexual orientation and also...
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Treating Gay & Lesbian Patients In Therapy
A thorough discussion on therapy for the gay and lesbian patients is explored in this 12 page paper. The subject of choosing a homosexual vs. heterosexual therapist is addressed. Specific guidelines useful to therapists treating patients with sexual...
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'The Birdcage' As A Study in Gender Issues
A 25 page research paper on the movie the Birdcage and its view of homosexual males and their gender roles in cinema and real life. The writer details the basic plot, each of the characters, and how they mesh with real life issues. Bibliography...
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Censorship Of Children's Literature / Banning Books Written By Homosexuals
A 5 page research paper discussing the issue of censorship of children's and young adult's literature. Emphasis is on material written by and about gays and lesbians. Specific examples of books censored and banned are given as well as statements by...
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Book Review / Being 'Homosexual'
This well-known Richard Isay book is reviewed and critiqued in a 4 page essay. Isay offers information based on his 20 years of work as a psychologist and covers topics important for the adolescent who believes he may be gay as well as the man...
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Book Review / 'New Joy Of Gay Sex'
A 4 page review and critique of The New Joy of Gay Sex including a discussion of topics covered and warnings given regarding AIDS. Touted as a guide for adolescents the reviewer questions the motives of the authors.
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Sexual Orientation & Humanitarian Rights
A 12 page paper that considers a comparison between humanitarian and human rights regarding sexual orientation, and evaluates the application of the UN charter in this area of concern in different regions of the world. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
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Sexual Orientation
This is an 8 page paper that explores sexual orientation by defining homosexuality and bisexuality in terms of sexual attraction and self identification. It looks at the stereotypes most often represented in American society and how persons of these...
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Bruce Bawer's 'A Place at the Table'
A 5 page paper discussing the book by Bruce Bawer of the same name. This book offers new insight into the 'gay' man as Bawer is an incredibly 'normal' man aside from his homosexual nature. His book requests, rather than pleads in regards to...
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The Works of Adrienne Rich
An 8 page paper describing Rich's influence on contemporary culture and poetry. The writer details Rich's views on patriarchy and how it reflects upon her lesbianism. Bibliography cites 10 sources.
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Federico Garcia Lorca / His Poetry & Homosexual Themes
A 7 page paper discussing the works of this twentieth century Spanish poet. The writer gives a short description of his life, then discusses two of his poems in depth, showing how they expressed his homosexuality in new and startling ways. Poems are...
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A.I.D.S / Social & Medical Impact
In 6 pages the author discusses the social impact, the medical impact, and the financial impact of AIDS. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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Philadelphia -- The Movie
A 4 page reaction to the 1990's-era film "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks. The movie dealt with an AIDS-victim's socio-legal struggles in suing the law firm for which he worked under the assumption that they wrongly fired him just because of his...
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Society's Alienation of the AIDS Victim
A 10 page paper dealing with society's treatment of AIDS victims. Discusses the negativity surrounding this issue as well as positive programs such as summer camps for youths with HIV/AIDS. Other subtopics explored are the 'handling' of children...
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AIDS and Suicide
A 12 page paper analyzing the social, cultural, and ethical issues relating to suicide among AIDS patients, as well as the populations at highest risk for developing the disease. It concludes that AIDS is now treatable, and an equal amount of...
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