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Academic papers on Urban Studies

Atlanta, Georgia
A 10 page discussion of urban problems in Altanta, Georgia ranging from housing, politics, & education, to racism & crime. Writer displays impressive knowledge of urban politics and applies such in the analysis. Bibliography lists approximately 20...
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A Sociological Look At Hartford, CT
A 7 page research paper which examines the city of Hartford, CT as to its religious groups, institutions, school system and other aspects of its society. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
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A Look At Urban Problems / Detroit
An 8 page essay on socioeconomic problems in the city of Detroit, Michigan (U.S.A.). Some of the issues discussed include housing loan discrimination, destruction of parks, and urban pollution. No bibliography.
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(The) First County Park
10 pages in length. An analytical examination of how nineteenth century Newark, New Jersey saved itself by creating the nation's first county park. Excellent reference for those studying topics relevant to urban politics. Bibliography lists 9...
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Cities / Social - Cultural Changes
A 6 page research paper compares modern society in Los Angeles and Boston with ancient Sparta and Athens. The writer focuses on crime and education, and general concerns of the police state. References are made to works by Zimiatin, Ellison and...
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Cities Grow -- Urban Sprawl In The United States & Canada
A 9 page research paper on urban sprawl. From both an historical and modern perspective, the writer examines how the spreading of large cities into "metropolitan areas" which extend outwards into the suburbs, has contributed to social, economic, and...
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City Morphology / As Evidenced By the Greek, Romans, Italians, & French
A 5 page overview of city evolution as evidenced by the Greek, Roman and Italian cultures. Discusses how the Greeks heavily influenced Roman cities and how the Romans, in turn, influenced Italian cities. Gives several examples of planned and...
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Denver's Renewal
A 5 page research paper on the effort of the Denver Urban Renewal Authority to revitalize Denver's downtown district. The writer demonstrates that their efforts have succeeded beyond expectations. Cities across the U.S. are rushing to copy Denver's...
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Golden Gate Park / An Urban Landscape
A 5 page paper that considers the urban landscape of the Golden Gate Park and its impact in terms its geographical study. This paper also includes a brief history of the development of the Golden Gate Park. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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History Of Contemporary Issues in Washington, D.C.
A 6 page paper that focuses on transformation of neighborhoods through processes of gentrification and urban revitalization in D.C. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Housing & Residential District Evolution
A 5 page examination of residential use patterns on a historic and worldwide perspective. The writer provides numerous examples of cities which have evolved in terms of their residential use as a result of the transition from production-based...
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John Reddie Short's "The Urban Order"
This 5 page essay discusses John Reddie Short's 1996 book that is also sub-titled An Introduction to Cities, Culture, and Power. Issues examined include the economic evolution of cities, elements that define contemporary urban economies, and the...
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Metropolitan Area Report / Newark, NJ
A 40 page paper that provides a substantive look at the city of Newark, New Jersey, which includes things like the overall national and international environment, the physical characteristics of Newark, the demographics, employment, office market,...
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Oklahoma City's M.A.P.S. Plan
An 8 page research paper on the urban renewal plan for downtown and Bricktown. The writer details the design, its flaws, especially parking, and some solutions. 4 pages of graphics and text are also provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Patterns Of Movement Within Paris & New York City
4 pages in which Paris and New York City are discussed with regard to citizen patterns of movement Cultural, political, economic, and ethnic aspects are explored. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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