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India And Pakistan: Discord Involving Kashmir
7 pages in length. As the discord between and among India, Pakistan and Kashmir continues, it can readily be argued that Kashmiri officials have grown tiresome of the perpetual battle. Much of the ongoing concern is focused squarely upon the...
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Islam, Mohammedanism & the Muslim Daily Worship Ritual
A 3 page paper which examines whether or not the term
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McDowell & Stewart/ Tough Questions
A 5 page analysis of the book Answers to Tough Questions Skeptics Ask About the Christian Faith, by Don Stewart and Josh McDowell. The book is exactly what the name implies as the authors answer numerous 'tough' questions that are often asked about...
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The Law of God
A 5 page paper which examines the Law of God, as presented in Exodus, and demonstrates how this law is felt and implemented by the Gospel Matthew and Micah. In Micah, which is in the Old Testament, we are given a picture of some of the troubled...
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Puritanism in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
This 5 page paper goes back to seventeenth century America as the influx of covenant theology impacted the social and political life of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Its contribution to the decline and fall of Puritan socio-political hegemony in and...
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Hinduism / A Comparison of Two Viewpoints
A 6 page analysis of Madeleine Biardeau's Hinduism: The Anthropology of a Civilization and Gavin Flood's An introduction to Hinduism. Both of these books have the same purpose-to give a historical and thematic survey of Hinduism; however, despite...
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Women: How Their Roles are Designed by Patriarchy
A 23 page research paper on the particular methods employed by patriarchy to
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Religion in America
This 10 page sociological analysis exposes religious multiculturalism in America as a myth. Many religions in America are examined including Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
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Allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse / Survivors, False Memories, & the Accused
This 10 page report discusses the issues surrounding alleged satanic ritual abuse. Does it happen? How often? What are the ramifications for both the survivor and the accuded? These questions, as well as the issue of
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Zen Disciplines
In Buddhism, Zen is meditation. It is separate from other forms of Buddhism in that it's central tenet is the practice of meditation, rather than adherence to a particular scripture or doctrine. Within the Zen discipline there are the sects of Soto...
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Anne Hutchinson
In 5 pages the author discusses Anne Hutchinson. Why did the Puritan rule of Massachusetts consider Anne Hutchinson to be a threat? Anne Hutchinson was seen as a dissident. She was a paradigm to other dissidents. The Puritan rulers were afraid...
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Spread of Buddhism From India to China, Korea & Japan
An 8 page paper which examines the expansion of Buddhism from India to China, Korea and Japan. Specifically explored is the transition from Theravada Buddhism to Mahayana Buddhism. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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This 6 page paper addresses the subject of secularism in the Middle East. The term is defined and analyzed. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Corruption in Religion
A 5 page paper discussing corruption in the church. this is a condition that has been with church since the beginning of religion, yet is receiving more attention today, than it did in the past, due to the media. Examples of three individuals from...
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Easter and Solstice
This 5 page report discusses the decline and the increase of two holidays in America. While Easter was once one of the most important Christian holidays of the year, in many ways it has declined to an event to support the candy industry. Solstice...
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