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Academic papers on Native Indian Studies

Native American World View
A 5 page essay discussing the Native American society and conservatism. Issues discussed include world view orientation, impact of the Western traders and other influences on Native American world view and concluding remarks regarding the validity...
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Sherman Alexie
A 5 page paper discussing Sherman Alexie
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Utilizing the Direct Historical Approach in Reconstructing Pueblo Social Organization
A 3 page overview of the usefulness of comparing archaeological data with information gleaned from ethnographic accounts. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Sam Houston: Factors Which Shaped His Successes and Failures
A 5 page overview of how Houston
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The Trail Of Tears
7 pages in length. Often referred to as the American Holocaust, the Trail of Tears represents a battle between the European settlers and the Cherokee Indians that ultimately brought down the Cherokee Nation. In retelling the tale time and time...
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The Contemporary Social Adjustment of a Seventy-Four Year Old Mixed Blood Cherokee/European Female
A 9 page discussion of the factors which influence an individual
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Appalachia: Formative Factors in Social Justice and the Performing Arts
A 10 page discussion of the influence of geographic isolation in shaping the social justice system and the performing arts of the Appalachia region. Defines the region and discusses the meaning of the Code of the Hills. Describes how the factors...
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Colonial America and the Cherokee
A 5 page discussion of the impacts on Native American culture during the Colonial period. Discusses the differing values of non-Indian and Indian and the cultural transition which many of the tribes made toward taking on European ways. Emphasizes...
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The Decline of a Stabilized Civilization: Incan Life Before European Intervention and After the Fall of Native Control
This 30 page paper considers the impact of the European intervention in Latin American and the influence on Incan society. This research study maintains support for the thesis that European intervention was not a positive force and resulted in the...
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The Mayan and Their Interaction with the Franciscan Missionaries
A 5 page discussion of the interactions of the Maya and the Franciscan Missionaries. Presents the view that the Franciscan goal revolved around two issues: conversion of the Maya to Christianity and the production of revenue for Spain. ...
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Alcoholism on the Reservation: A Community Health Model
This 20 page paper considers the problem of alcoholism as it is unique to populations of Native Americans living on Reservations, and outlines an alcohol treatment program within a community health model as in intervention. This paper not only...
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Gender Roles in Pueblo Culture
A 12 page paper discussing gender roles in the culture of the Pueblo Indians. The Pueblo Indians were actually made up of several tribes that inhabited the areas known as Arizona and New Mexico. The Zuni were the most prevalent and as such are...
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The Cherokee: Family Relationships
A 9 page overview of Cherokee familial relations. Discusses the role of women and men and provides details on the matrilineal descent practice, clans, how it was determined who could marry whom, who was responsible for child care, and other aspects...
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A six page analysis of these two important works on ancient Mayan tradition. The paper asserts that in comparing Mayan myths with those of the Old Testament, the Mayans emphasize self-reliance and the use of intelligence while the Old Testament...
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Native American Property Rights
A 7 page discussion of Native American property rights. Provides a brief historical review of the move to the reservation system and tribally owned lands and then the pressures to dissolve that tribal ownership. Ties the concept of property...
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