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Brinkley's Defining Vision
This 5 page paper analyses and summarizes the book, Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television by Joel Brinkley. No additional sources are listed.
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Dallas Love Field Airport.
(5 pp) Our discussion is a problem-solving one. What if anything can be done with an over eighty year old air facility, that, its owner, the City of Dallas, feels must still accommodate commercial flights? An alternative and...
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Autonomy And Control In Higher Education
It seems as though the underlying issue for many of the problems that arise between administration and faculty or between the administration of the President with that of the State Higher Education is centered on the parameters of autonomy. ...
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The Reinvention Of Privacy
The Internet plays a large part in today's world and is likely to continue playing a larger and more significant role in the future. Among the concerns of the Internet user, however, is privacy. This 6 page paper presents a tutorial on writing...
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Profile of San Garza -- CEO of Counter Technology Incorporated
This 5 page report discusses Santos Garza, the head of Counter Technology, a $12-million, 377-employee company specializing in providing professional management and human resources, high-tech security, and computer systems design services to...
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Employment Segregation And Gender
Understanding the interplay of gender, sexuality, and power as it relates to the social constructs that define every day life enables the individual to gain a better understanding of some of the shortcomings in theories of sexual interactions as it...
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The Baseball Strike of 1994
This 5 page report discusses the Major League Baseball strike of 1994 in the context of labor and management negotiations and the advice offered in the 1981 book
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The Challenge of Sales -- Interview with a Salesman
This 5 page report discusses sales from the perspective of a salesman. Mike Justice has been one of the most dreaded of all types of salesmen -- an insurance salesman -- for nearly 12 years. He says he is not so much in the profession of selling as...
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Lumberyard Internship Expectations:
This 5 page paper examines the role of a lumberyard intern and determines what the likely responsibilities of that position would be. Furthermore, this paper explores the benefits of such an internship. Bibliography lists 0 sources.
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Soft Drink Successes: Coke Still Ahead
The competencies that succeed in the soft drink industry include offering classic products that consumers trust to taste exactly how they expect them to taste, combined with new products that respond to current trends. For example, there is a rush...
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Environmental Analysis of Top Guard Security Company
An organization's external environment has three components: the remote environment, the industry environment, and the operating environment. In this regard, an Environmental Analysis for Top Guard Security (2004) would reflect changes over ten...
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Leadership Assessment and Planning
This 4 page paper provides an overview of the use of personality testing to demonstrate leadership. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Jack Welch & the G.E. Way: Management Insights and Leadership Secrets of the Legendary CEO: A Book Report
This is a 10 page paper which is a book report. The paper gives a brief analysis of each chapter and then a brief summary of the entire book. The bibliography has 1 source.
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Toyota versus General Motors: Success versus Failure
This is a 10 page paper which examines the possible reasons that General Motors is failing while Toyota Corporation is continuing to succeed. The bibliography has 4 sources.
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Information Literacy
This 3 page paper discusses the importance of information literacy, providing examples and citing different authors. The essay comments on how information literacy might be obtained/learned. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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