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Academic papers on Linguistics, Speech, & Hearing

The Characteristics of Good Public Speaking
A 10 page research paper that gives an overview of what constitutes good public speaking. The writer covers such areas as content, delivery, enthusiasm, and also how the management of eye contact with the audience can subliminally convey impressions...
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Semantic Networks
This 12 page paper presents a detailed explanation of semantic networks; history, examples and uses are also included. Semantic networks are "brain- like." They allow new knowledge to be deduced. Their operative vocabulary includes the...
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Semiotic Review Of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues is a television program based on the life of a Shaolin Priest and his son who is a police officer in San Francisco. This 5 page paper gives a semiotic review of the program based on roles and the use of spoken and...
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Language as a Conscious Choice.
(3 pp). Two articles "English in Multicultural America" by Dennis Baron and "Racism in the English Language" by Robert B. Moore from The Meaning of Difference are compared. Personal opinions concerning their importance are discussed....
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Corpus Linguistics/ BNC
An 8 page research paper that investigates the British National Corpus (BNC) project, which is an orthographically transcribed corpus of ten million words that cover a wide range of speech variation. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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This 14 page report discusses the reading program
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A nine page paper which looks at the way in which the computer industry has developed over the years, and why particular advances in technology such as the invention of the printed circuit board and the silicon chip have played such a significant...
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This 5 page paper discusses the Geordic accent found in the Tyneside and Northeastern part of England. Both pro and con are given on the question of this dialect's likely future. Examples of the dialect given. Origins and possible roots...
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Optimality Theory & Controversy
A 12 page research paper on Optimality Theory (OT), which is considered to be the leading linguistic theory of the 1990s. However, the writer argues that OT has considerable problems and is not a better model of phonology, only a different one....
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Parsing, Right Association and the Construal Theories
This is a 5 page paper discussing right association in parsing and the construal theory relationships in linguistics. In discussing the issue of parsing within the right association model, Phillips found that certain ambiguities did exist within...
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Childhood Language Acquisition Stages and Positive Adult/Parent Intervention
This is a 7 page paper discussing language acquisition in children. Research in developmental psychology and linguistics has shown that children, regardless of culture, acquire language in certain stages. The initial stage of babbling in the first...
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Biology and Language
This 7 page report discusses human biology and human language and the ways in which language has evolved in human beings and the biological foundations of such evolution. The argument being presented is that human language is unique in virtually all...
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Genderized Language
A 7 page essay that discusses the linguistic issue of using the masculine form in English to include both men and women. The writer summarizes the argument presented by Miller and Swift in their essay (bibliographical data not available on this...
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Learning a Second Language:
This 5 page paper discusses both the difficulties and successes associated with learning a second launguage. This paper discusses perceptiual saliency, connectionism, information processing, and Noam Chomsky's theory of language among others. ...
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Sociolinguistics of Society
Language in culture is based on a number of contrasts. For example, it is based on a set of rules according to a large culture, but that large culture contains within it subsets of language formed when certain aspects of language are applied to...
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