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Abuse Of Authority? A Debate In Political Philosophy
History has a way of repeating itself and it is by understanding the processes of debate within the context of the social paradigm of the past that the future may be better understood. This 7 page paper asserts that by exploring the views of...
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Crime Theores X 2.
(8 pp). As humans most of us constantly ask the question why. Criminologists, first being initially human, and second having a great sense of curiosity, ask that question as well, and accordingly have come up with several reasons...
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CIA - Continuously In Action?
(6 pp) The U.S. isforced to confront international relationships in a way that varies from the patterns of the past. President Clinton's rhetoric during the 1992 electoral campaign recognized these developments, and it is important to...
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Police Discretion In Use Of Force
"To protect and to serve" is the motto of police departments everywhere, but just how true is it anymore? This 5 page paper explores the issue of discretion as it applies to instances of police brutality. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Women as Victims of Crime
(6 pp) In many historical studies of crime women are show as victims of crime more than they are shown as the criminal. Unfortunately this is an appropriate portrayal of reality in our society. The author will examine some of the...
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Coca, Erythroxylum coca, The Start of Cocaine
This 7 page report discusses cocaine and the coca plant, Erythroxylum coca. The plant itself is native to South America where it has been cultivated since the time of the Incas. Most of the world's coca grows in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru....
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The Debate of the UK Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act (2001) Regarding Its Restrictions and Violations of Human Rights
This is a 5 page paper discussing the recent UK Anti-terrorism laws introduced in the United Kingdom. The Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act which was released in the United Kingdom in December of 2001 has come under a great deal of criticism...
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The Case Against Leonard Peltier
This paper explores the Leonard Peltier murder case from all perspectives, focusing on the following:,, U.S. v. Peltier, the FBI's defense, Robert Redford and Michael Apted's film, and various other critics and...
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Medicare Fraud: Is the False Claims Act (FCA) an Effective Deterrent?
This 5 page paper provides an overview of the False Claims Act and relates it to Medicare fraud. Specifically, this paper considers whether or not the FCA is an effective deterrent to crime. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Terrorism/Comparing Countries
An 8 page research paper that discusses the international response to terrorism. Terrorism is the principal focus of American foreign policy, but it also plays an intrinsic role in both the domestic and foreign policies of other countries. The...
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Benefits Of Profiling In Fighting Terrorism
A 4 page paper. The writer comments on the controversy of racial profiling in fighting terrorism but also demonstrates the benefits, despite the lack of articles that support this method. The writer defines profiling and how it is used in this...
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First Responder Case Study Analysis
This 9 page analysis responds to a case study. The paper explores what first responders do when they first come to a scene. Biological and chemical hazards are addressed. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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Joseph Wambaugh/'The New Centurions'
A 10 page analysis of Joseph Wambaugh's novel The New Centurions. In this novel, Wambaugh introduces the reader to three young police cadets and then offers vignettes that take the reader through the next five years of their police careers....
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Baltimore Crime Rates
This 2.5-page paper discusses the crime and murder rate in Baltimore and the initiatives the Baltimore Police Department is taking to try and reduce this alarming statistic. There are 9 sources cited.
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This 5-page paper discusses privacy issues and whether CCTV surveillance systems violate civil liberties. There are 5 sources cited.
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