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College Writing
A 3 page essay giving evidence of how a student meets intent (subject), offers a fresh viewpoint (structure and technique), and maintains the reader's interest (active voice and techniques) when writing college papers. No bibliography.
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Beauty / Vision Or Image
A 5 page paper that considers the statement "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and argues that this statement is essentially true. No bibliography.
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Romance / Creative Short Story
An original 5 page 'romance' short story, followed by a FREE 2 page explanation of the narrative technique employed in the story.
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A 3 page definition divided into four exemplary paragraphs: one for introduction, two for the body of the paper and one for conclusion. Envy has its victims, but those victims are the ones harboring envy, rather than those who are envy's objects. ...
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The Concept Of Hope
An 8 page paper examining the definition of hope and the affect it can have on our lives. Life is to be led joyfully, and hope is the undergirding quality that allows us to find purpose in everything in which we will look for it. Hope contributes...
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A 3 page definition essay. Frequently, 'love' is a sad commentary on the disparities of how we ideally are to treat each other when compared to many of the realities of life. True unconditional love, the Greek agape, is said to be difficult to find...
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What is Love
A 4 page paper which takes the opinions of this writer and answers the question of 'what is love?' In our society there are many ways to look at, and define, love. People often feel that love comes and goes, but what is love really? In this writer's...
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Unconditional Love / A Definition
A 5 page definition of the phrase 'unconditional love'. Gives examples of unconditional love such as a mother's love for her infant but also points out that in reality almost all love has some conditions attached to it. Bibliography lists two...
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One Writer's Idea Of Utopia
A 5 page paper on a Utopia that offers a combined virtual and social education system, a justice system without lawyers, housing, food and clothing for everyone, no guns, community involvement in daily governance, and hierarchies of volunteer...
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Brooklyn & Queens / A Comparison & Contrast
From the writer's own knowledge, opinions, and observations- this file contains a 3 page essay comparing and contrasting New York City's two most populous boroughs : Brooklyn and Queens. Excellent reference for those learning to write "compare and...
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The Concept of Classification in Writing
A 4 page essay explaining concept of classification and using examples, including the subject of "movies" to demonstrate the concept. The writer also attempts to show that classification also has once basic inherent rule: that all items that...
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Classification Essay / Three Types of Movies
A 4 page essay that presents and compares three major types of movies: dramas, comedies and documentaries. The writer attempts to show creatively that while these three types have many similarities, they also are different in their focus and...
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Division & Classification Essay
A 3 page essay on inexpensive ways to show appreciation. In this essay the writer demonstrates the different ways one can show appreciation in a business setting.
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Exemplification Essay -- Procrastination / Examples Of..
This 4 page exemplification essay includes three realistic anecdotes of one young woman's struggle with procrastination. Written in first person, the essay centers around the subject's tendency to put off doing school work, while reflecting on her...
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Summer Love / Memories of a Lost Childhood
A beautifully-written 6 page creative essay in which the writer describes a vivid childhood memory of summers spent with siblings in the country. An excellent model for anyone learning to write descriptively. Request a FREE excerpt before you order !
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