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Higher Education Not Necessary For Big Money
4 pages in length. To go or not to go: That is the question many budding professionals want to know as they graduate high school, before they plunk down the big bucks for that all-important higher education degree. As one would expect, there are...
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Argument for Career Life Planning Schools
A 5 page paper giving evidence that distinctive institutes/schools should be established for the purpose of career education / life planning. Examples include studies from various fields/age groups. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Career Opportunities in Foreign Languages
A 2 page essay outlining some of the many advantages to bilingualism in the modern workplace. The role of education is stressed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Career Opportunities in Pediatric Care
6 pages on the importance of pediatricians and the valuable service they perform. Information concerning job tasks, salaries, educational requirements, and job opportunities is provided. The qualities of a "good" pediatrician are discussed as well....
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Career Outlook / Recreational Therapist
A 4 page paper on the field of recreational therapy. The writer discusses the educational requirements, salaries, employment availability and expectations of the job. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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A Career In Psychology
An 8 page report detailing the writer's personal aspiration towards a career in psychology. Various job opportunities, salaries, and so forth, - are discussed. Bibliography lists 3 relevant sources including a one-on-one interview with a...
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Psychiatric Social Worker
A 5 page paper on the job of the P.S.W. either as a contractor to or full-time employee of the institution. The paper concentrates on the duties, including diversity, and retained autonomy combined with the advantages of teamwork. Bibliography...
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Career Outlook / The Nursing Profession
15 pages in length. A complete discussion of the jobs provided by nurses and of the employment opportunities available to them. Beginning with an overview of the roles that nurses have played throughout 20th century history, the writer goes on to...
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Perceptions Of Nursing
An 8 page paper discussing the roles of nurses, education required, how they are perceived by doctors, lay people, other professionals, what their role should be in managed health care. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Career Counseling from a Christian Perspective
7 pages in length. In great detail, the writer discusses problems that Christians are apt to find with the concept of career counseling and posits a methodology designed to help them appreciate it based upon the existing literature. It is asserted...
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Evaluation Of Occupational Education Programs
This 5 page research paper discusses different occupational programs and reports findings regarding their success rates. Exemplary programs can be found but those operating under the major federal funding source have not been impressive....
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Becoming An Auxiliary Police Officer
A 12 page essay that describing the process of becoming an auxiliary police officer for the New York City Police Department.
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Police Academy / Reflections
10 pages in length. The writer's reaction to their experience training in the police academy. Described are the academy's intended purpose, curriculum, and more. Also included is a brief overview of police academy history. Bibliography lists 6...
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Review Of Internship / County Sheriff's Office
A 10 page review of one student's experience as an intern at a northeastern (U.S.A.) county Sheriff's office. Provided in the discussion are reflections upon various courtroom procedures, handling of prisoners, etc; The writer concludes that in...
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Federal Law Enforcement
A 3 page paper that presents the argument for one person's choice to study Federal law enforcement on a graduate level. This paper also provides a career option that would utilize advanced degrees.
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