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PC Direct And Indirect Marketing Channels
A 15 page report that discusses indirect and direct marketing channels for PCs. When Dell Computer entered the PC market in 1984, the way in which PCs were sold changed forever. Gateway's entrance the following year added support to the change. Four...
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Economy Verses the Environment: Canada's Water Pollution Dilemma
An 11 page paper illustrating the dilemma facing Canada involving the protection of her environment and the provision for economic development. Recognizes that both economy and environment are important. Outlines the impacts to waterbodies which...
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Promoting Teamwork: An Example of a Training Manual
This 15 page paper provides an overview of an example of a training manual based on the need to develop a team approach in the workplace setting. This paper integrates some of the components of Robert Mager's work Making Instructions Work. ...
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Examples of Letter Writing
This 5 page paper provides two basic examples of letter writing. These examples demonstrate the different approaches to outlining directions for specific scenarios, first when addressing the letter to a friend and then as an interoffice memo. This...
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Alfredo Vea, Jr : The Silver Cloud Caf
(3 pp) ' Zeferino drove down Folsom Street wondering why he had never noticed Raphael's Silver Cloud Cafe and Bar. He had driven down Folsom Street, down Seventeenth, and even down Shotwell on hundreds of occasions, investigating scores...
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"Childcare City" - A Business Proposal
(7 pp) Although this is a fictitious childcare proposal, it is a given fact that the American family spends on an average, of about seven percent of its annual income on childcare. It is projected that "Childcare City" would be located...
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Pegasus Air
A 10 page paper that presents a plan for beginning a new airline. Topics include the type of aircraft to be used, beginning routes, motivating personnel, target market and services, code sharing and strengths of the company. Bibliography lists 9...
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Hospital Management - Problem Solving Case Study
This 6 page paper uses a student-supplied scenario. The writer begins by identifying the key problem issues at the hospital, which include cost management, communication and procedures. The second section provides the analysis of the problems....
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Starting a Business in Cyberspace
This 15 page paper provides an overview of how to begin a business inclusive of financial considerations. The business plan is explained and the paper goes on to address issues of management and marketing. Applicable theories are provided. A sample...
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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital
This 4-page paper analyzes the network system and organizational structure of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital and what may be missing from the current network architecture. There are 3 sources cited.
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