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'The Art of Survival'/An Analysis of a Documentary
A 5 page analysis and research paper on a short documentary that details the life of Hungarian-born artist and Holocaust survivor Tibor Jankay. An extremely moving film, it recounts the wisdom that Jankay has accumulated over his 94 years of life...
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Helen Gardner/Art Through the Ages
A 5 page analysis of Gardner's comprehensive survey of art that literally covers the entire course of human history, as well as samplings of art from practically every culture that produced an art history that has been documented. It begins in the...
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Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt was a well known, prolific artist of great note who lived from 1844 to 1926. An ex-patriot, she settled in France, and for a short time, Italy. She painted in the Impressionistic style and was counted among some of the early artists...
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Modernist European Art and the Ploitical Scene of Central Europe, 1910-1939
This 5 page report discusses European art of the years encompassing World War I, post World War and the onset of World War II. It was art filled with contradiction and radical change and served as an appropriate metaphor for the social and political...
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Two Works by Brahms
A 6 page research paper on the nineteenth century Romantic composer Johannes Brahms. The writer argues that although Brahms came chronologically after Beethoven in the Romantic era, he considered himself to be a traditionalist who preserved the...
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Analysis of The Finding of the Vulcan on Lemos
This 5 page paper provides a critical analysis of this painting created during the Italian Renaissance by Piero Di Cosimo. The composition, use of color, skill of the artist and subject matter are all discussed. The artist
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Art as a Mirror of Society
This 8 page paper discusses the fact that visual artists attempt to reflect their own complex society as they perceive it. Paeololithic images are considered as well as the works of Camille Pissaro, Marc Chagall, Rene Magritte, and Edvard Munch....
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Artistic Brothers: Delacroix and Chopin
This 9 page paper discusses the similarities and diffeences between the "artistic brothers" Eugene Delacroiix and Frederick Chopin. Delacroix labeled Chopin, "a man of exquisite heart and.. mind" - quite a complement coming one of the...
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'Teaching Tales' of Milton, Voltaire and Rembrandt:
This 8 page paper examines three artists and their works of the Baroque period for their similarities and differences. Comparisons used include Milton's Pariidise Lost, Voltaire's Candide, and Rembrandt's Night Watch.. It is the element of story,...
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James Joyce & Martha Graham/ Role of the Artist
A 3 page research paper that compares how James Joyce and Martha Graham viewed the role of the artist in society. The writer focuses on Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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African American Artists during The Great Depresson.
(10pp)The Harlem Renaissance watched the flourishing of African American literature, music, dance, art and social commentary in the neighbor- hood newly transformed by the great migration of African Americans to the North during WWI. The...
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This 5 page paper looks at these two great men, and using two of their works, 'The Prince' and ' Starry Messenger' to argue that although they wrote about different disciplines, politics and cosmology, they did have many similarities. These included...
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Charles White, An African American Artist
A 14 page research paper that examines the life and career of Charles White, an African American artist whose work uniformly demonstrates his personal commitment to contribute to the struggles of African Americans against racism, sexism, and...
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A Color Proposal: Additional Study of Mataisse, Kandinsky, and Delaunay
(5 pp) We are reaching a conceptual time when the exploration of the possibility of teaching components of creative thinking, through the use of color, to those who do not see that factor in themselves, but wish to learn it, either for...
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David and Goya: Portraits of War
(5 pp) David and Goya reflect opposite ends of the emotional and political spectrums, concerning the nature of war, in their works, the neoclassical, Oath of the Horatii, and the romantic, May Third 1808. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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