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Academic papers on Advertising Issues

Female Stereotypes in the Media.
(9 pp) The stereotype mindset may show women as junkies, stick figures, mannequins, bimbos and inanimate objects. In the past, even the physical size of a woman has been open to stereotypes: large women, even an Aunt Jemima is typically...
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Analysis/ The Journal of Advertising Research
A 5 page analysis and research paper that examines one specific publication
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Plato, Music And Advertising
This 11 page paper provides a comparison of Plato's theory of music utilization and the use of music in advertising. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
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Elaboration Livelihood Theory and the American Presidential Campaign of 2000:
This 12 page report discusses the concepts related to the elaboration likelihood theory, when applied to the presidential election. The report focuses on how it serves as a means through which social scientists, political analysts,...
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Print Advertising
(5 pp) We see so much advertising that we tend to become either jaded about the advertising process, or we only notice those ads that we feel are striking and well done. The ad chosen for discussion is a TWA airlines ad in the November...
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"Branding" & Advertising
An 11 page research paper that examines the relationship between establishing a brand name, i.e., "branding," and advertising. Numerous experts acknowledge that successful "branding" of a product or service is intrinsic to achieving and retaining ...
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More Than Telephone History .
(5 pp) This discussion explores a website concerning antique telephones. Yet the material that is presented at the site (, tells more of a story, and the memories that first telephones bring back to us. Creative...
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"Am I Thin Enough Yet?"Sharlene Hesse-Biber
(3 pp) Am I Thin Enough? is the "question" half of a 1994 book title by Sharlene Hesse-Biber. The "rest of the story," Hesse-Biber claims, may be found by looking at The Cult of Thinness and the Commercialization of Identity. Although...
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The Physical Body as "Power".
(6 pp) It is not unusual to think of the physical body as "power." Certainly the Greeks were attempting to visualize a powerful body centuries ago. Today, according to Young (1997), 8 million people suffer from eating disorders. For some...
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Advertising Sex
Advertising is an invention of the capitalist society. It serves only one purpose: to sell product. This 10 page paper explores the thought that sexist imaging within advertising is simply a form of communication specific to the culture and...
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Celebrities In Advertising
The traditional view has been that celebrity endorsements give a brand a touch of glamour and that a famous face will provide added appeal and name recognition in a crowded market. This 6 page paper argues that the use of celebrities in advertising...
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This 5 page paper details the psychology behind the sucess of advertising. A brief history of American advertising is included. Early brands such as Coca-Cola, Ivory Soap, and Wrigley's are examined, as well as the psychology behind the Tommy...
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Advertising Agency Contract Brief:
This 11 page paper assumes that an advertsing agency is about to sign a client and this paper serves as a detailed explanation of the proposed contract. Furthermore, the paper also explains why each section of the contract is included in terms of...
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100 Products and Services That People Don't Want to Buy on the Web:
This 10 page paper discusses the products and services which people don't want to buy online. Furthermore, this paper explains many reasons why certain products and services don't sell easily on the web compared to others. Bibliography lists 14...
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The Influence of Fashion Magazines throughout History on Consumer Society, Culture and their Status in the 1990s
This is a 27 page paper discussing the influence of fashion magazines throughout history on consumer society, culture and their status in the 1990s. The history of the fashion industry in relation to cultural influences, consumerism and the...
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