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Admissions / Model College Admissions Essay
A 1 page 350 word essay - - excellently-written -- in which the writer discusses their aspirations and qualifications for applying to college.
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Admissions / Graduate Study Of Economics
A 1 page 600 word sample admissions essay in which the writer argues that their love for economics is based largely upon an acquired appreciation for capital markets developed while growing up in the Communist Soviet Union. Examples are given of...
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Admissions / Law School
A 1 page 600 word essay presenting the writer's love for law, desire to study it further -- and background growing up in the Soviet Union as a motivator for success.
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Admissions / Med School
A 1 page 1200 word essay outlining the writer's reasons for wanting to attend medical school. Previous experiences, future goals, and an overwhelming desire not just to be a part of the field-- but to excel-- are among the many sub-topics discussed.
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The Future Internist
A 3 page essay explaining why a Russian medical student has chosen to pursue a degree in Internal Medicine. No additional sources cited.
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Personal Statement Model Essay - Criminal Justice
A 3 page statement written in application to be accepted in the Criminal Justice graduate school. Includes a fictionalized account of a young man's experiences working volunteer positions with troubled youth, growing up in the inner city, loosing...
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A Plea To Remain In School When The Tuition Bill Comes Due !
In this extremely persuasive 1 page letter, the author is writing to the administration at their school and reasoning that their good grades, commitment, and integrity should enable them to remain for one more semester -- making only partial tuition...
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Appeal To Remain In School!
For the most part, this well-written 1 page letter appeals to the administration at a university who proposed to dismiss a student maintaining a less-than-desirable grade point average. The student discusses the reasons for his current failure and...
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Model Letter Of Appeal
5 pages in length. The writer drafts a letter of appeal to a university's Board of Administration to encourage them to change their minds regarding the dismissal of an underachieving student. No sources cited.
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An Internship In Federal Law Enforcement
A 1 page 400 word essay in which the writer describes their desire & ability to participate in an internship program with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Highlighted are longheld desires to work in Federal law enforcement coupled with...
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Why I Want to be a Physical Therapist & What I can Contribute to the Field
This 4 page essay details why the writer is interested in the field of physical therapy and what they believe are their individual strengths that will contribute to the overall profession. No additional sources cited.
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Introduction/Hypothesis: Profit and Competition in Life Insurance Industry
5 pages in length. This hypothesis paper is divided into a definition of purpose, questions, objectives, and the basis of the hypothesis. Focus is on the life insurance industry and how the nature of rivalry and competition can affect...
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Possible Career Directions: Marine Biologist or Personal Trainer?
A 4 page discussion of these potential career directions. The student choosing an occupational path has a number of considerations to take into account. Even fields as apparently unrelated as Marine Biology and Physical Education (a field often...
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Sample Letters
This 6-page paper features sample business letters including letter of complaint to a company sending junk mail, a sales letter promoting Orlando, and a letter making a correction to defective merchandise.
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Ph.D. Entrance Essays and Paragraphs for Clinical Psychology
This 3 page paper provides an overview of an entrance essay for a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology, with the addition of three paragraphs for different types of programs.
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