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CYA In The Workplace

Abstract: 5 pages in length. The workplace has become a battle zone within the past couple of decades as more and more issues arise that test the very framework of interoffice harmony. Jobs are no longer protected by the silent oath of loyalty; in fact, in order to hold on to positions, employees are being forced to play hardball while up against the big boss. CYA in the workplace is as fundamental in today's work environment as are the skills that get one hired in the first place. As well, it is essential to maintain a concise and up-to-date paper trail as a means of written protective proof for the time when the ax unfairly falls or a discriminatory situation arises. The writer discusses CYA and the importance of paper trails as they relate to the workplace. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

Filename: TLC-CYA.wps

Pages: 5


Subcatagory: Business Management & Management Theory

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