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Marketing the Sonic PDA
This 9 page paper answers questions from a student regarding marketing a PDA to businesses. The paper looks at how the market may be segmented, how marketing strategy may be formulated, the influences on the purchase decision and a brief outline of...
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Eastman Kodak and the Photo Imaging Industry
Eastman Kodak has recently decided to remake itself because it has been losing sales and market share in photo imaging during the last decade. It will be important for Eastman Kodak to diversify further by entering additional markets with a range of...
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The Customer is King
When the above motto is the passion of the CEO and all of top management, Harris (1992) states that customer service is guaranteed to be king throughout the organization. Customer service management is the most important tool for maintaining a...
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Internship: Dave
A personal experience with internship that explores the intern's placement and responsibilties in terms of academic business concepts such as company motto, strategic plan, and other issues. Discussed are these plus the following: customer service,...
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Valuing Employees at Wal-Mart
When Sam Walton started Wal-Mart and up through his death in 1992, his employees were happy. They felt part of Sam
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6 Levers for Managing Organizational Culture
Organizational behavior case study on the title article by David W. Young. The study is reviewed for main idea, concepts in support of the main idea, and weaknesses in the argument. Bibliography lists 1 source. jv6Lev06.rtf
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Reliability and Validity in Measurement
Reliability and validity, two crucial dimensions of empirical measurement, enable researchers to say that whatever they are measuring can be relied upon to be dependable, and that whatever is measured is being measured accurately. Reliability can be...
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This 8-page paper discusses privacy issues in terms of employee monitoring in the workplace. Topics considered include if such monitoring is morally and ethically wrong, and why employers justify it. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Maslow and Mayo Impact on Workplace Consortiums
for if Defining a support program for an entire staff can be difficult since everyone is different and responds to different motivators. It falls on management to solve the issue of job satisfaction (hiring and employee retention). In recent years,...
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Viability of Project Management Standards
Product standardization has a double edge. On the one hand, standardization provides protection to consumers and allows products to be built and configured very quickly. This puts a company
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Cultural Influences in the Workplace: A rationale for increasing diversity at Vanguard West Airlines
Fictitious situation lends itself to a proposal for an Affirmative Action Plan taking advantage of 2004 methodologies for recruiting minorities and women as well as providing costs, benefits and hidden benefits corporate wide. 5 works cited....
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The Corporate Branding of Stadiums:
This 5 page paper is a literature review of how corporate branding has affected stadium development. This paper exposes the extent to which this has become a significant influence and the impact it has had. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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Merging Management Positions for Profitability and Accountability
This is a time when being lean means strength and being fat means weakness. Companies, and countries, all over the world are reengineering themselves to reduce employment and reduce duplication of effort to save costs. One of the most economic...
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This 7-page paper offers an overview on a systems management approach to a project management case study, involving two different project management systems from different cultures. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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This 5-page paper provides an overview of how Jim Wiatt, leader at William Morris Agency, is using leadership skills to bring the company into the 21st century. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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