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Moral Theories and Issues in Modern Life
This 10 page report discusses some of the many moral theories that question the ethical justification for action that exists in the modern world in terms of whether or not an action is truly
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Tools for Management: Mentoring, Empowerment, and Conflict Resolution
(6 pp) Today, managers are honing their "people" skills, and through their actions, they are developing a more productive and a more satisfied workforce. This discussion will look at three of those managerial "people" skills: mentoring,...
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How to be a Star at Work
(7 pp.). According to the How to Be a Star at Work book by Robert E. Kelley (1999), "The key to being a star performer is not brain capacity or personality, but rather an ability to function in the workplace using the author's nine...
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Investigating an Offshore Platform Fire and Designing an Inquiry
This 6 page report discusses the investigation of an accident and fire caused by a design flaw on an offshore oil platform. Recognizing that the problem was caused by a design flaw, the investigators are not looking for somebody to blame. The...
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Frank's -- One Market Under God
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Leadership Style and Nursing
This 8 page report discusses leadership styles and the theories relating to role of the nurse. It presents several well-known leadership theories and the attributes of each in relation to a nurse
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Basis for Interest: Handheld Computer Product
A 10 page paper discussing the examination of whether to pursue development and testing of a new type of palmtop computer, one that incorporates a cellular telephone and has the capability for wireless Internet access. Consumers and business...
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Hero's Journey in the Business World
A 5 page research paper that examines how Robert Brawer's book, "Fictions of Business," uses the examples in great literature to illustrate management principles. The writer also addresses how this relates to Christopher Vogler's ideas pertaining to...
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Cross Cultural Counseling
Cross Cultural Counseling: The counselor must take into consideration the aspects of multiculturalism, as well as the basic tenets of practice, in order to provide services to all that may come to them for help. This 9 page paper explores and...
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This paper examines how the Internet and other digital tools are providing an impact on supply chain management and logistics functions. The paper discusses both pros and cons of the electronic age on logistics management. Bibliography lists 4...
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Literature Review on Administrative Training for Early Childhood Education Professionals
This 9 page report discusses the literature related to research that has been conducted regarding management and administration and its place in running a successful child care center. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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DePree/Sanford on Leadership
A 7 page research paper that examines Max DePree's Leadership (1989) is an Art and Kathleen Sanford's Leading with Love (1995) as to the leadership model outlined in each book. Although the writer concludes that these books present similar ideas on...
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Motivational Factors for Professionals and Non-Professionals
This is a 10 page paper which examines the different factors involved in influencing levels of motivation. The expectation theory combines various components in an individual
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This paper examines the attitude of labor unions in the U.S. toward the World Trade Organization, and why the attitude is more negative than positive. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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This paper examines communications challenges and other challenges in the multi-cultural workplace, and suggests why it is important for managers to learn cross-cultural training and to work on multicultural issues. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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